“Oregon is a place where winemakers are stewards of the land; where quality reigns, sustainability is a lifestyle and where artisan producers believe that careful attention to detail and delicate nurturing produce incredible wines.

It's a place where pioneers and a new generation of winemakers, together, rhapsodize about the fruits of the land. Oregon land. A land whose rich geological legacy and varied climates nurture a wine country where cool-climate and warm-climate varieties grow mere miles from one another.

Oregon is a magical place whose borders encompass 362 miles of rugged coastline, white-peaked mountains, deep river canyons and endless amounts of green right alongside high-desert prairies and volcanic rock formations.

Mostly, Oregon is a place that makes exquisite wine without any pretense. A place where visitors are always welcome and where the winemaker is never far away.”

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-Proud member of the Oregon Wine Growers Association

The fruit for Plaisance Winery is grown in the excellent conditions found in the center of Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley.


The Applegate Valley is a sub-Appellation of the Rogue Valley AVA which is within the larger Southern Oregon AVA.  The Applegate Valley AVA extends from the outside of Jacksonville about 20 miles along Hwy 238 to the community of Murphy.   www.applegatewinetrail.com

Wine History:
Applegate Valley's wine history began in 1852 when an early area settler named Peter Britt planted wine grapes. In 1873, he opened Valley View Winery, Oregon's first official winery. Valley View closed in 1907, when prohibition hit. It wasn't until the 1970s, after modern pioneers began discovering the neighboring areas' quality wine growing conditions, that Applegate Valley experienced a resurgence of winemaking. It began with a few family-run wineries that planted their roots and opened their doors. Today, this area is an important winegrowing region turning out a diverse selection of high-quality wines. The appellation became official in 2001.

Applegate Valley has a moderate climate that generally enjoys a warm, dry (just 25.2 inches of annual rain) growing season with hot days and cool nights perfect for warm-climate varieties.

Applegate Valley's soil types are typically granite in origin, and most of the area's vineyards are planted on stream terraces or alluvial fans, providing deep, well-drained soils that are ideal for high-quality wine grapes.

Applegate Valley is surrounded by the Siskiyou Mountains, which were created by upthrusts of the ocean floor as a plate forced its way under the continental shelf. The Siskiyou National Forest borders the Applegate Valley to the west, and the Rogue River National Forest to the east. Vineyards are typically grown at higher elevations up to 2,000 feet.

Predominate Varieties at Plaisance Ranch are Rhone, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Savoie regions of France.

Pricing: $25 for reds & $20 for whites & Rosé.


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Joe Ginet, Winemaker and Cow Boss

Applegate Valley Oregon Vintners Association, President

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