Plaisance Ranch offers Oregon Certified Grape vines. We offer grafted and own-rooted vines; both one year old bare root and green vines are available. We will help you choose which rootstock best meets your needs based on your soils, climate conditions, and wine-making or grape marketing goals. 

Buds of the chosen variety are grafted onto that rootstock that will best thrive in your vineyard. The custom vines are then propagated to your desired quantity.

ODA Certified Selections


Pinot nort 38 (459)

Canernet Sauvignon 10

Cabernet franc 04 (332)

Gamey noir 05 (509)

Sangiovese 02

Mourvedre 03 (Mataro)

Grenache 03

Mondeuse 368

Tempranillo 02

Malbec 09

Syrah 01

Merlot 15 (181)

ODA Certified Root Stocks

101-14 Millardet et de Grasset

SO4 Oppenheim #4


Charonnay 38 (95)

Viognier 01

Sauvignon blanc o1

Pinot gris 05 (53)

Aligote (olno39129)

Non-Certified Selections


Pinot Noir 115

Pinto Noir 777

Pinot noir Wadenville 2A

Pinot noir Pommard

Pinot noir 667

Tempranillo Piaz

Tempranillo Toro