Current Wine List

Whites and Rosé

2017 Ginet Rosé


Life is short. So is the time this Mourvèdre Rosé sat with the grape skins to achieve its lovely blush—just six hours. What can you achieve in six hours? Plenty. But we’d like to suggest an alfresco luncheon with dear friends—the kind that lasts into evening around a big table laden with bowls of green apples, guavas, and a mix of citrus…and several bottles of Ginet Rosé.


2015 Sauvignon Blanc


We like to think of a wise old woman as a maven—a classy connoisseur. Let’s call her Sauvignon Blanc. She’s strong: 14% alcohol with nerves of steel. She may have cats, but she’s no crazy cat lady. And because she doesn’t travel so much anymore, she’s secretly thrilled to be the only varietal crushed and treaded at home on Plaisance Ranch.


2017 Viognier


An orchard grows inside this bottle of Viognier. It’s a veritable terrarium of magic, where the seasons and geography blend into a fruitful continuum. Take a sip and taste banana, apple, lychee—with a hint of walnut at the finish. This wine just might inspire you to find a tree, spread a blanket beneath it, and finish sipping in leafy shade, grateful for all good harvests. 


2017 Chardonnay


It might feel like there’s a genie in this bottle, tickling your tongue with zesty vivacity. But this wine isn’t the result of magic so much as trial and error, minimal oak, plenty of patience, and many trips to Burgundy. The result itself? That is magic. In fact, if a genie ever grants us three wishes, one would be a lifetime supply of this Chardonnay.


2015 Eclipse Pinot Noir 


When a total eclipse occurred in millennia past, people worried the world was going up in smoke. But these days, we gather to celebrate. Bring along this Pinot Noir with its velvety hints of cherry & cloves. You might feel inspired to hold the full bottle up to the sky, using it like a viewing glass to peek at the hidden sun before it makes its bright return & shines as you uncork the cosmos.


2015 Spotted horse Pinot Noir 


The late-day sun is soft in the sky. A red-checked blanket spreads between rows of vines sloping downhill—a hill steep enough that you can recline and sip while barely lifting your head (the better to be close to the earthiness of this Pinot Noir). Enjoy the notes of cherry and currants, courtesy of Spotted Horse Vineyard. Gratitude never tasted so good.


2014 Clone 828 Pinot Noir


Rumor has it, a smuggler once snuck a 828 Pinot Noir vine stock in his suitcase when he traveled from La Tâche vineyard in Burgundy to the USA. This Pinot clone later found a new home on the Applegate’s Kubli Bench, where strong afternoon winds gave it a tough skin and bold strength—good traits if you need to break the rules now and then.


2015 Mourvèdre


A young deer sprints through mountain forests at dawn and stops at the brink of a hot spring. The mineral steam hits his fur. Musk of marvel and morning. He doesn’t know the French call Mourvèdre “La Savage” for its notes of wild game & earth. He doesn’t know he’s wild. He just is. And he’s full of life and promise. So is this untamed wine.


2015 Tempranillo


You could fill an ink-well with this dark delight. You could write a letter from Southern Oregon to Spain and ask for the Tempranillo’s history, suspecting nobility. You’d be right. This is a noble grape, one that keeps its character no matter where it’s planted. Count on notes of plum, tobacco, leather, and herbs. Count on a full-bodied beauty worth writing home about—sincerely.


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon


Can you taste time? If so, it might be like an archeological site. One day you dig down to find an antique glass bottle of vanilla. The next, a leather satchel that carried a harvest of red currants. Of course, there’s your own past, too. Pour a glass of this cabernet sauvignon, and dig up a fond memory to mix with flavors shaped from the tended soil of history.

2016 Malbec


In his timeless epic, The Odyssey, Homer sent his hero sailing across the “wine-dark sea.” The deep color of this Malbec could inspire such a descriptor. It’s a grape that can take the heat of sirens and Cyclops, that can brave the tides and sky.  And though this bottle may be the hue of storied seas, its earthiness calls all travelers home.


2015 Merlot


If you were to head into the Applegate Valley prospecting for treasure, you might bring a metal detector and hope to find gold. But if you go straight to Plaisance Ranch, you’ll hit pay dirt with this big Merlot—a classic wine whose veins run with the strong, clay soil where its fine grapes grew.


2015 Ranch Red


As students, most of us had to study to get 100% on a test. This Ranch Red makes math easy: 40% Merlot + 40% Cabernet Sauvignon + 20% Petit Verdot = a gripping red blend. If this wine were a teacher, she’d be the one you’d bring an apple for—setting it on her desk with a smile and hoping for a whiff of her French perfume. And a good grade.  


2015 Petite Sirah


What do you get when you pair a nineteenth-century French botanist with a love of wine? The Durif grape—the real name of Petite Sirah, a love-child of Syrah and science. Depending on your sources, Durif either chanced upon this new varietal growing in his nursery, or he planned the cross-pollination. Whatever happened in the past, in the present, we get to enjoy the fruit of intention—which tastes a bit like blackberries and serendipity.


2016 Cabernet Franc


Cabernet Franc is one of the six oldest grapes, but this grandmother wine is never old-fashioned. She’s a Right- and Left-Bank lady. She can gallivant around the globe, and she can stay home and make a mean plum tart. She knows a bit of earth and fruit and can run the gamut of light to heavy. This Cab Franc is at home in the world, and she’ll bring the world to your home. 


2016 Mondeuse 


Once upon a time, the ancient wine stock of Mondeuse was likely in a fairy tale. Maybe its vines were trellised near a gingerbread house in the woods or along the path walked by a girl in a red hood. Spicy and crimson, this strong-legged wine makes a robust character at your table. Sit back and sip a legend begun in Savoie, France, continued by the Ginet family, and ready to tell tales at the start of your meal or at…the end.

2016 Syrah


A sip of this, and the sun is shining as you walk to the river—hints of warm caramel and cool mint. Wade into the terroir of Applegate Valley, inspired by the Northern Rhone. Come on in, the Syrah is fine.


N.V. Petit-Petite


The Durif grape, also known as Petite Sirah, was a love-child of Syrah and science. That child grew up and fell in love with Petit Verdot—especially with its strong, truffle-hunting nose. After a brief engagement, they recently had a wedding of blackberries and vanilla with a bouquet of violets. Everyone attending agreed: it’s a marriage made to last. 


2015 Carménère


The Carménère’s bouquet is full of fiery cayenne. One whiff and this wine is instantly your newest favorite red-headed stepchild, and you find yourself saying yes to her request for a spicy chocolate dessert. But the palate does not deliver what the nose promises. Take a sip, and be quelled by a blanket of soft violet. Get ready to stay up well past bedtime, sitting around the fire, telling family stories brimming with purple prose.


2016 Petit Verdot


This wine has a potent nose. It could hunt for truffles in French forests and build a perfume empire from whiffs of vanilla and violet. You’d never know the Petit Verdot is often a “blender” varietal. It may be "petit," but this grape from Iron Gate Vineyard of Kubli Bench in the Applegate is big enough to stand alone.

Tasting poetry by Anna Elkins.