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Plaisance Ranch has been a working ranch since 1858. It is located in the heart of the Williams Valley, in the shadow of Greyback Mountain. The Ginet family has a rich history in the ranching and vineyard business that spans over hundreds of years and across two continents. For many generations, our family has been growing grapes and cattle and producing grapevines amongst the mountains of Savoie in eastern France. Today, we continue this tradition in America.


2015 Oregon Wine Experience:

Gold Medal: Rogue Presige (is the Mondeuse grape Joe's Grandfather brought to Jacksonville in 1898. Now 117 years later it has struck gold in Jacksonville!)
3 Silver Medals



Wine Enthusiast 2015 Awards:

Score of 92: Editor’s Choice - Plaisance Ranch 2012 Rouge Prestige

Score of 91: Plaisance Ranch 2012 Pinot Noir                                    

Score of 91: Cellar Selection -Plaisance Ranch 2012 Papa Joe’s Private Stash Syrah

Score of 90: Plaisance Ranch 2012 Mourvedre 

Score of 90: Plaisance Ranch 2011 Merlot            

Score of 89: Plaisance Ranch 2012 Papa Joe’s Private Stash Tempranillo


Wine Spectator Reviews:

Score of 91

Syrah Applegate Valley Papa Joe's Private Stash 2010:
Score of 90

Viognier Applegate Valley 2011:
Score of 89


3 Value Picks in 5 months by the Oregon Wine Press:
2011 Pinot Noir, 2011 Tempranillo, and 2011 Merlot


Southern Oregon World of Wine Festival 2013 winners!

Four Silver Medals for Plaisance Ranch Wines

Plaisance Ranch 2011 Viognier
Plaisance Ranch 2011 Pinot Noir
Plaisance Ranch 2010 Rouge Prestige
Plaisance Ranch 2010 Syrah


16955 Water Gap Rd. - Williams OR 97544- (541)846-7175


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